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Take a stand against our children and teens having easy access to tobacco. Know the law regulating youth access to tobacco. Learn about the addictive and deadly health risks of cigarette smoking, chew, and other forms of tobacco, especially for young people who may start using such products even before it is legal.

Get involved by becoming active in a comprehensive educational program in your community. Promote the program by talking about it with others and engage them in your efforts to halt youth access to tobacco. Congratulate those tobacco retailers in your community for their efforts to protect children by not selling them tobacco products.

Parents, grandparents, educators, health professionals, church leaders, law enforcement personnel, private businesses and other concerned citizens have many free resources available to them through the It’s Everybody’s Business program.

Community-related materials can be ordered online. Some of the materials listed on this web site also are available in PDF format and may be downloaded to your computer. Items also may be ordered by phone from It’s Everybody’s Business. To order, call: (785) 266-6161 or (800) 206-6161.

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