youth tobacco access and substance abuse prevention Welcome to It’s Everybody’s Business, a program designed to educate retailers and communities about Kansas law regulating and prohibiting tobacco sales and distribution to underage youth. Here you’ll find many free educational materials and helpful resources designed to deter youth access to cigarettes and other tobacco products.

Our mission is to engage Kansas tobacco retailers and other concerned citizens in educational programs designed to keep children free from the addictive and deadly risks of tobacco use. We understand that “it’s everybody’s business” to care for and protect our children.

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Illegal tobacco sales to minors at an all-time low

A   new report on the Synar Amendment program – a federal and state partnership   aimed at ending illegal tobacco sales to minors—shows that all the states and   the District of Columbia have continued to meet their goals of curtailing   sales of tobacco to underage youth (those under 18). The report by the   Substance Abuse and … Continue reading